Spiritual journaling with St. Veronica and devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus.

Unveiling St. Veronica – A Holy Hour Journal

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The Journaling with Jesus series explores how journaling will enhance your relationship with Christ. For example, the cover of the My Holy Hour – St. Veronica journal captures the moment when the Holy Face of Jesus appears on her veil after she wipes the blood and sweat from Christ’s forehead. The “Veil of Veronica” is commonly considered a relic, and the story of Veronica’s compassion has been a long-held tradition and a common Christian meditation on the life of Christ.

Embracing St. Veronica's Witness

According to Britannica, the story of St. Veronica’s compassionate act dates back to the first century. Today, Catholicism, Anglicanism, Lutheranism, and other Christian traditions honor her story as the sixth station in the Stations of the Cross meditation.

The entrance into a deep meditation into the love and suffering of Christ and the tender compassion of this woman begins in that singular moment that occurs during Christ’s unspeakable journey to Calvary. Journaling about her compassion and kindness is a great pathway to encountering Jesus.

My Holy Hour – Saint Veronica journal

Connecting with the Holy Face of Jesus

The image shown on her veil, the Holy Face of Jesus, extends the invitation to embark on an exciting journey of prayer, reflection, and journaling, all inspired by Veronica’s act of compassion.

Like an icon, the cover painting provides a window into the face of Christ and allows for a powerful contemplation of Christ’s love, mercy, and sacrifice. In addition, the Holy Face can inspire your journaling by offering a guide to your thoughts, prayers, and reflections.

Encountering the Holy Face of Jesus

Journaling Prompts

Try these prompts designed to help you deepen your connection with the Holy Face of Jesus during adoration or your journaling journey.

  1. Reflect on St. Veronica’s compassion and love during her encounter with Christ. Are there ways for you to employ these virtues in your own life?
  2. Look deeply into the Holy Face of Jesus and contemplate His sufferings and emotions. Capture any insights or revelations that occur during your meditation.
  3. Imagine what it would be like if you, instead of St. Veronica, encountered Jesus on His way to Calvary. What would you have done? Capture your thoughts, feelings, and prayers at that moment.

As you can see, one way to use this journal is to engage in devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus through journaling, and it opens the door to exploring Christ’s suffering. It may even allow you to experience His transformative love. I hope your encounters will inspire and nourish your soul and help you on your journey with Christ.

Journaling Tools for Spiritual Growth

Keeping a spiritual journal is a way to grow in spiritual discipline, as well as deepen your faith. Journals are wonderful companions to practicing the many varied devotions available and daily scripture study. They add to the faith adventure and become a wonderful way to communicate with God and allow the Holy Spirit another opportunity for guidance. There isn't any right or wrong way to journal. To learn more, download the free guide “How to Use a Prayer Journal during Holy Hour” here.

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Enhance Your Relationship with Christ through Journaling with Jesus

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