Spiritual renewal and spiritual discernment for St. Michael's Lent.

Spiritual Renewal: St. Michael’s Lent Devotion to the Archangel

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Spiritual renewal with St. Michael's Lent is tapping our shoulders when we approach fall and spiritual discernment. Let's face it, moments of spiritual discernment accompanies the Church calendar. How will we respond? Given the onslaught of the modern world, I'm sure most of us willingly seek spiritual renewal. However, with all the many saints and devotions available within the Catholic faith, it's not unusual to become overwhelmed by the choices we have to make when it comes to our practice of the faith. It's also not unusual for our choices to change. Think of St. Francis and his joyous embrace of St. Michael's Lent. He immediately incorporated it into the annual events for himself and his brothers. We're all called to make decisions and perhaps changes in our spiritual practices. How about you? Do you feel the faint call to spiritual renewal?

Spiritual Renewal At the Crossroads of Devotion

Here you are at this pivotal moment, thinking about diving into St. Michael's Lent. Like many of us on this spiritual path, there are moments of introspection where we feel the urge to deepen our commitment. Maybe this season of St. Michael's Lent is beckoning to you, nudging you towards a richer, more profound connection. One way to begin a deeper, more personal look is to use your journal as your compass to guide you through this discernment.

Entering Spiritual Renewal with St. Michael the Archangel

As the previous posts in this series have noted, the Church calendar has its rhythm and purpose. However, St. Michael's Lent is more than just another liturgical event. It's an invitation. Think of it as a clarion call for spiritual renewal. You don't want to simply fill a gap in your religious routine. You want something profound. Instead, think of this Lenten devotion as a golden opportunity for spiritual reflection, growth, and forging a sacred bond with St. Michael the Archangel, our defender and guide.

St. Michael the Archangel: Your Heavenly Guardian

To truly grasp the heart of St. Michael's Lent, we must familiarize ourselves with the Archangel Michael. He's not just any heavenly figure; he's a beacon of strength, a fierce protector who stands valiantly against all forces challenging our faith. Envision him with his gleaming armor, wielding a sword of light, cutting through the darkness. When we align our hearts with St. Michael, we are cloaking ourselves in divine protection, fortifying our souls, and drawing strength from the very essence of this celestial warrior.

Spiritual Journaling: Your Silent Partner in Spiritual Discernment

Today, many of us are caught in a swirling world that bustles and brims with activity, where our thoughts often race faster than our hearts can keep up. Journaling gives us the gift of a sacred pause. It's more than a pen meeting paper; it's a soul meeting clarity. When you pour out your feelings, uncertainties, aspirations, and revelations, your journal holds and, more importantly, reflects them back to you. In the process, you've enabled a more profound self-understanding and a connection to the Divine.

Spiritual Discernment Steps for St. Michael's Lent

To begin your discernment, you want to mentally and spiritually prepare yourself to consider these steps toward your discernment:

  • Seek Divine Insight through Prayer: Here's your opportunity to begin with a silent heart-to-heart with God. Ask both Him and St. Michael the Archangel for guidance. Let their combined wisdom illuminate your path.
  • Unearth Spiritual Longings: Now dive deep into our spiritual reservoir. Perhaps you yearn for a protective shield from the non-stop tumults of life. Do you seek strength to withstand all of life's tempests? St. Michael's Lent may provide the spiritual anchor you need.
  • Immerse in Scripture: As always, let the bible be your guide. Look for the stories about St. Michael the Archangel and feel the power of his actions. Are there parallels in your own life?
  • Journal Your Discernment: Your faithful spiritual companion, your journal, is always there, ready for your musings, thoughts, and revelations. Capture your process about St. Michael and this Lenten season.
Spiritual journaling begins wtih holy hour Catholic journals like St. Michael the Archangel and the Dragon.
Archangel St. Michael Journal

Spiritual Journal Prompts Strengthen the Bond with St. Michael

Here are some examples of the style of prompts that can help you through your discernment:

  • Revisiting Revelation: Read Revelation 12:7-9. Does St. Michael's victory over darkness stir your soul? How does it impact your faith journey?
  • Recalling Shielded Moments: Have you ever felt a mysterious protection? Maybe you've encountered an unexplainable embrace? Was St. Michael watching over you?
  • Embracing Archangelic Traits: What about St. Michael truly touches your heart? How can you infuse the same qualities into your own daily faith life?
  • Remembering Spiritual Battles: Reflect on those challenges that test your spirit. Imagine St. Michael by your side as he guides and guards you. How would it change your thinking and your outlook on faith and life?
  • Crafting Heartfelt Prayers: Take a few moments and let the words flow as you write a prayer to St. Michael. Use this prayer in your own life whenever you feel uncertain.
Record reflections using spiritual journaling in this Catholic spiritual journal of St. Michael the Archangel.

Answering a Celestial Call Leads to Spiritual Renewal

I hope this post has led to a pathway through the discernment process. St. Michael's Lent, combined with an unwavering devotion to the Archangel, is more than just a spiritual event—it's a transformation. St. Francis of Assisi had a deep annual devotion to the season and eventually received the stigmata. With reflection, prayer, and spiritual journaling, I'm sure you will unearth layers of your spirituality, revealing the depths of God's boundless love and guidance.
If you're like me, you may want to “file” your journal entries according to subject. The My Holy Hour – St. Michael the Archangel and the Dragon: A Devotional Prayer Journal might be perfect.

Next we'll look at various spiritual resources, including a free journaling guide to help you prepare and use during the 40-day devotion or your private devotions and reading.

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