Discover St. Michael's Lent: A Catholic Devotion

Does St. Michael’s Lent Matter in Today’s World?

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St. Michael's Lent begins on Sunday, the feast day of the Assumption of Mary. What? Are you too busy to add one more devotion to your daily devout life? Let's face it. Since entering the Catholic world, I've discovered many traditions. While these enrich our spiritual lives, we often lack the time or energy to add even one more task.

Yet those are the very reasons we might want to step back and think about directing our spiritual compasses towards St. Michael's Lent. St. Francis of Assisi loved this devotion to St. Michael the Archangel. How do you personally navigate the significant spiritual transition between Easter and Christmas, a period marked by ceaseless activity, technological entanglements, and myriad distractions?

Let's unravel this together.

St. Michael's Lent Offers A Unique Spiritual Transition

Between the profound solemnity of the Lenten season preceding Easter and the joyful anticipation of Advent heralding Christ's birth, there's a spiritual void. St. Michael's Lent serves as this bridge, providing an essence of spiritual renewal and preparation. It guides us through these intermediate months, ensuring we remain connected to our faith. It's a time when marketers track transitions as families across the country prepare for the fall and the return of children to schools. So, it's only apt we have a spiritual tradition to help us recalibrate during this period.

Deep Roots Found in Tradition of St. Francis of Assisi

That brings us to one of the most-favored saints of the modern era: St. Francis of Assisi. His extraordinary devotion to angels demonstrates the profound spiritual connections someone can make during this period. St. Michael's Lent offers us something constant in our ever-evolving world, an anchoring bridge between an ancient act of devotion and our contemporary journey of faith. The stigmata, which St. Francis received during one such St. Michael's Lent, stands testament to the profound spiritual experiences this period can usher in.

Create a Spiritual Respite within Today's Non-stop Rush

In our fast-paced world, distractions are rampant. St. Michael's Lent offers a sacred respite, grounding us amidst the chaos. Whether you've been drifting from your spiritual path or are overwhelmed by daily challenges, you can provide a structured interval to rekindle your relationship with God.

Instill a Desire to Combat Spiritual Drift

If there's one thing the current generation lacks, it is the ability to exist and enjoy moments of stillness. The landfill of distractions available to us continues to grow. St. Michael's Lent can serve as a spiritual oasis, grounding us amidst the whirlwind. St. Francis saw this period as a sanctified time, a season for deep personal reflection and spiritual rejuvenation. His example can help us calm the waters so we're not simply treading water to stay afloat during the day.

Journaling with St. Michael the Archangel

St. Francis of Assisi's love for nature and belief in a cosmic harmony between God's creations echoes our present-day search for balance and interconnectedness. Yet we often don't think of his passionate devotion to St. Michael, the Archangel. He recognized the need to maintain “habitual attention” and devout life, both crucial in serving God. He deemed the protection of the Holy Angels and devotion to St. Michael the Archangel essential to daily life.

St. Michael's Lent Helps Us Become More Intentional

St. Michael's Lent urges us to engage deeper with our faith. It's not just about fleeting devotions but a call to remember and act upon the transitions and cycles of our spiritual journeys. This period stands as a beacon, illuminating our path from Lenten penance to the triumphant joy of Advent. Why not follow St. Francis's lead and give this devotion a try? Embrace its unique spiritual rhythm and significance.

For those inclined to weave this period into their daily reflections, the My Holy Hour – St. Michael the Archangel and the Dragon: A Devotional Prayer Journal could be a cherished guide.

Tomorrow we'll look at the spiritual benefit and tools available to help us design our perfect St. Michael's Lenten experience.

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