October 2023

Apostle St. Jude Thaddaeus Catholic saint and spiritual journal

St. Jude Miraculous Intervention: Transforming My Texas DPS Visit

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As a convert to Catholicism, I must admit that Saint Jude was not a saint I had called on for intercession in the past. Sure, I had heard references to St. Jude as someone who could help with “impossible causes,” but prior to my becoming Catholic, I had little experience with saints other than my lifelong odd relationship with St. Michael the Archangel and a growing awareness of my guardian angel. But even more so, who thought the opportunity to meet St. Jude would be at the Texas DPS?

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Transform your prayer life with the practice of journaling.

Spiritual Journaling: A Timeless Art and Practice to Deepen Your Faith

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“Discover the profound practice of spiritual journaling and embark on a journey to deepen your faith and connect with God. Explore the rich tradition, gain insights from saints and scholars, and learn how this timeless art can transform your prayer life. The practice of journaling can help guide you on this path of introspection and intimacy with God.”

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